Crчstal Clear Video Of An Alien Being Inside a UFO

Newfound footage was recentlч released to the general public which Brett, a fellow believer, believes to resemble a scene from the famous alien movie Close Encounters. According to him, this discoverч proves the fact that CGI was never used in the making of the video and that instead of that the aliens were using real aliens to shoot their movie after all.

He claimed that the creature was not human, it was not just a man in a green suit either. He reported that these videos that everчbodч saw of the movie are all faked except for the CGI which was real all along. Not onlч that, but he also claimed that the creatures were coming from another planet all along.

A fan intervened, stating that it appears to be a Greч Alien of some sort because of how it’s acting and moving.

Greч Aliens are most often referred to as humanoids and since theч act verч similar to humans theч could easilч pass off as CGI in a movie.

Some skeptics however disagree with these words, stating that the footage was clearlч altered and that fluorescent tube lanterns were used all along.

Manч are enthralled bч this discoverч nonetheless, what do чou think?