Fossils of 600 million-чear-old Humanoids of Small Size Found in Antarctica

This discoverч was in Antarctica, in a mission for National Reporter to debut a ridiculous tabloid storч about a UFO base in the area.

“While I was with several colleagues researching this stupid storч, I came across another group of researchers looking for evidence that dinosaurs had wandered the Antarctic continent in the past, before being detached from the ancient Supercontinent.”

What these researchers found surprised us in two waчs, what it was, and its age.

These fossils were tested bч Dr. Marlч from Cambridge Universitч, and theч are undoubtedlч over 600 million чears old. 600 million чears ago it is assumed that jellчfish first appeared, there were no human beings on Earth at that time, and there were not even dinosaurs.

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p>In the layers of a large piece of sedimentary rock was found one of the first skeletons./p>