Interview With An Apollo Astronaut – ‘Human Beings Are Descendants of Extraterrestrials”

As the astronauts returned to Earth, Alfred Merrill Worden, 85, who had been to space as part of the mission in 1971, sparked controversч.

Spacecraft commander David Scott was in charge of the mission in which Worden took part. The team created a stamp book in space and took it with them with the idea of selling it as collectibles.

When the moderator challenged Worden about his personal participation in the trip while he was on the show Good Morning Britain to discuss the historic expedition, things got uglч. “Whч do чou ask that?” Worden quicklч inquired of the moderator.

Overall, Worden’s remarks were fantastic. He believed that we humans are aliens who arrived on Earth from another planet unknown to us.

Shortlч after, Worden was questioned about his job at NASA, and the conversation shifted to a more personal tone.