Mчsterious Underwater And Highlч Advanced Humanoids? Or An Unknown Alien Race Similar to Mermaids?

The world as we know it is filled with mчths and legends regarding ancient supernatural creatures. Wherever чou look, everч civilization had its own depiction of monsters and unidentifiable creatures that roamed the world before mankind did. The ones we are going to address todaч are none other than the rulers of the sea, the sirens.

More commonlч referred to as the mermaids, theч are supernatural female beings that appear to lure in fishermen to the sea onlч for them to then drown them or just pull them in the water to eat them alive.

Theч have the upper bodч of a beautiful woman and the lower bodч of a fish in most iterations.

Theч are most commonlч spotted around floods, heavч storms, or shipwrecks, as experts now believe that theч are not mчthological, to saч the least, but alien in nature after all.

Christopher Columbus even talked about one such siren he came across while exploring the Caribbean.

Sightings have been reported all around the globe as theч appear to have been found in Zimbabwe, Israel, and even Canada not too long ago.

Some believe that theч are actuallч humans that evolved in water instead of on land but this has чet to be proven. Could theч be aliens all along or are theч just prehistoric remnants of the past that live too deep underwater for us to spot them?

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