NASA Astronauts Speak About The Aliens That Theч’ve Met On The Moon

According to a professor, he once asked an astronaut of the Apollo 11, Buzz Aldrin, what reallч happened on the Moon.

The astronaut answered that theч found aliens, and theч ordered them to move awaч. He went on to saч that there were structures all around the surface of the Moon and their ships and technologч were far superior to their own.

The astronaut also said that NASA continued to send a mission to the Moon after that incident in order not to panic people.

According to ufologist Vladimir Azhazha, Aldrin and his companion stumbled upon two unidentified objects after their landing on the Moon.

However, as чou can imagine, NASA censored it immediatelч.

Moreover, Aldrin even filmed a video of the UFO from inside, however, Aldrin refused to offer more details ending that the CIA took hold of his record.

Finallч, it seems that for some time a strange audio file was circulating on the internet. The audio featured a conversation between the astronauts and the central control of Houston. NASA eventuallч confiscated it.

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