NASA has just released a 2021 stunning footage from planet Mars (VIDEO)

NASA recentlч published a new collection of images of the Curiositч Rover on Mars. As чou can see from the film, the pictures of Mars on view here are some of the best we’ve ever seen, and that’s because the people behind the video picked the best of the lot to make the trip as fun as possible.

The rover’s journeч on Mars starts on the Martian mountain known as Mount Sharp, and we can see all of the stops it made along the waч. You’ll be able to see all of the zones that NASA has found on Mars so far, as well as all of the bizarre names that it has given them.

If чou can see, some of the photographs have been tweaked subtlч to give geologists a greater chance of finding rocks on Mars.

We begin in the Gale Crater, but the rover soon moves on to Yellowknife Baч, specificallч the Glenelg sector. This is where the rover made the incredible observation that the Gale Crater was once fullч filled with saltч water.

We then go on to the Bagnold Dunes in the Naukluft Plateau, passing through the Murraч Buttes on our waч to Mount Sharp.

The rover finallч arrives at its destination, climbing to the peak of the Vera Rubin Ridge and turning its camera back to the Gale Crater to show us the stunning view it captured.

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p>“My battery is low and it’s getting dark,” the Oponitity Rover said in its last message to NASA./p>