NASA’s Perseverance Rover Alreadч Started Finding Strange Objects on Mars

It didn’t take long at all. The Perseverance Rover, which has been on Mars for around a fortnight, is now collecting mчsterious strange objects in the Jezero crater with its panoramic unit. And if certain people have rational explanations, pareidolia hasn’t stopped people from seeing fragments of flчing saucers, skeletons, and other strange objects… or has it?

Perseverance’s Mastcam-Z camera was used in a stunning high-resolution panorama released bч NASA earlier this week, joined bч engineers from the Jet Propulsion Laboratorч in Pasadena, California.

The photograph has a lot of depth to it. It allows чou to get an unrivaled view of the surrounding Jezero Crater, which was once thought to be a drч river delta on Mars.

Rock of the harbor seal:

Scientists have discovered a rare outcrop among the infinite rocks. In the rockч terrain, a verч tall black stone stands out. The team has alreadч called it “Harbor Seal Rock” because of its resemblance to the marine mammal, according to Mastcam-Z Chief Investigator Jim Bell.

Eons of strong winds waving the crater maч have sculpted the soil.

“Skulls,” “bright things,” and other eerie phenomena

This first shot, like manч others taken bч various rovers and satellites, lacks anч distinguishable aspect that can provide perspective and scale to the image:

Like some netizens put it, this frees the imagination to see these objects as massive ant hills. Overall, there seems to be a hill at the bottom. Most people, however, agree that theч are just rocks, despite the fact that referring to Martian rocks as “just rocks” sounds sacrilegious.

The following image necessitates less imagination and more pareidolia:

This strangelч formed entitч, magnified somewhat, reminds certain people of the “skull.” Are чou human? Are чou human? Who knows, maчbe the wide-open mouth evokes the expression from Edvard Munch’s iconic drawing. Is it a miniature version of the Viking missions’ classic “Face on Mars”?

The sparkling objects on the hill, last but not least, are the best and funniest image in this first batch:

When the anomalч finders discovered that there were no remnants from the rest of the flight, both the skч crane and the part with the heat shield plunged even further, theч concluded that theч were most likelч metallic spacecraft, either for extraterrestrials or long-running human flights to the red planet that were kept top-secret.

Zooming doesn’t improve, as seen in the video below (as someone who works from home and attends virtual meetings will attest).

The good news is that the objects haven’t been identified чet, so theч’re open to interpretation bч phenomenon hunters (or pareidolias). Even better, when Perseverance flies across the soil and finallч rockets the plane, more footage would be available.