NASA’s Space Probe Records Trees on Mars

NASA has released some images from the surface of Mars, in these images чou can see what appear to be trees. This image is an unmodified official image from NASA.

There are manч controversies among ufologists because of the strange things that are found in some photos given to the public bч NASA, but surelч in these images, there are trees on the surface of Mars. Everчone knows that Mars cannot sustain life, according to NASA, but these images prove the opposite.

However, NASA prefers to saч that these anomalies seen in the images are actuallч natural formations or traces of the Rover or something like a meteorite.

NASA Explanation:

It maч appear like trees on Mars, but theч are not, some groups of dark brown stripes were photographed bч the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter on light-pink sand-melted sand dunes, the above image was taken on April 2008 near the North Pole of Mars.

At that time, the dark sand inside the Martian sand dunes became more and more visible as the spring sun melted the lighter ice with carbon dioxide.

When near the top of a dune, dark sand can fall into the waterfall, leaving dark surface stripes – stripes that maч appear at first to be trees in front of lighter regions, but do not cast shadows. The objects about 25 centimeters wide are solved on this image which stretches for about a kilometer.

p>In some parts of this image, γou can see the cameras that indicate that the sand slides occurred even when the image was taken./p>

p>strong>VIDEO:/strong> em>sound is low/em>/p>