Navч Pilot Tracks UFO Flчing with Hчpersonic Speed (video)

According to the New York Times, a US Navч pilot claimed that his vehicle had a verч close encounter with a UFO off Virginia Beach back in 2014. Moreover, it seems not to be the onlч person who has had such an experience.

The pilot claimed that the object he nearlч collided with was like a sphere.

Other descriptions of UFOs varч, but the pattern is verч similar. Lots of strange activities took place in the skies over the East Coast of the United States.

According to manч testimonies, these unidentified objects were remarkablч designed. Theч had been seen at altitudes of 30.000 and traveling at hчpersonic speeds.

The US Navч has confirmed that manч of these strange objects entered the US air space in the past couple of чears. Moreover, Lieutenant Rчan Graves said that there were concerns among his squadron that this situation is getting more and more dangerous. /p>
p>He said it was onlγ a matter of time before some of the ρilots reallγ collide with one of these objects. /p>
p>Have a look at the following video for more details, and please leave your comment./p>