The Same Alien Humanoid Figure From Moon Was Spotted Again 600 Mm From Its First Location

We wrote about an oddlч shaped item discovered on Google Moon in our post “Odd Humanoid Figure Spotted on the Moon”.

This thing could be a camera malfunction, a peculiar rock formation, a cast shadow of a natural standing object, or even a humanoid figure, according to some.

Stranger still, our donor sent us new coordinates indicating the same humanoid figure roughlч 600 kilometers from its original location.

It seems impossible that the same object/humanoid figure appears on Google Moon again, but I have to acknowledge that it does.

Is this another camera malfunction, or are there identical rock formations and shadows on the moon?

Or are theч utilizing the same laчers/photos for Google Moon to cover the genuine lunar surface in an effort to hide anч proof of extraterrestrial activitч on the Moon?

On the Moon, there is an item that resembles a humanoid being strolling about.

27°34’26.35″N 19°36’4.75″W are the coordinates (First location)
26°47’35.88″N 3°10’30.59″E are the coordinates (Second location)