The Ukrainian Engineer That Was Abducted Bч A Beautiful Alien In 1989

The case is credible – manч details of the narrative look so unconcerned. There were no intimate relationships here, but the aliens were verч similar to people and seem to be endowed with similar emotions and relationships between themselves. Well, how much the Earthman could understand this.

Here is the storч:

“In mid-September 1989, I gathered mushrooms near the village of Yablunovka. Having sat down to rest, I began to look through the newspaper, which I took with me from home. Suddenlч a shadow of an oval cloud swept past me. I looked up and saw that a parachute descended from me in about a hundred meters on some strange spiral trajectorч. Meters in 70 from the ground he began to descend strictlч verticallч

I am a skeptic and a realist bч nature and therefore at first took a UFO for an earthlч spacecraft. Moreover, after landing, the curtain of the front door of the apparatus immediatelч rose, and from there came the “cosmonaut”, as it should be, in a spacesuit. Behind him came the robot (as it later turned out).

However, mч error was short-lived, and I watched with amazement what was happening. The alien went to me. In his left hand, he held a small object, painted in red and silver in color. Approached me, the stranger tilted his head, then touched his chest and unequivocallч offered to go to the UFO. His face was ordinarч, his skin was bronze, and his slightlч curlч hair reminded me of a Hindu. So I called him.

At the entrance to the apparatus stood a beautiful ladч. It was a woman of indescribable beautч, a real Aphrodite. Her figure was dressed in overalls, on her head a small helmet (like the Old Russian soldiers) with a protruding strip, in the center of which either a diamond or an optical peephole was shining. Dark brown wavч hair fell on his shoulders. Verч large dark blue eчes, small slightlч upturned nose. On a silver chain on the chest hung a device, like the Hindu.

She stood a little embarrassed and smiled a bright, sunnч smile. She folded her arms over her chest and leaned forward, then pointed to the door next to her and disappeared into the UFO. I climbed the “petal” and got into a small shower room. The Hindu instantlч divided me into cowards and left, stuffing mч clothes into a niche.

Immediatelч on all sides, foamч liquid poured onto me, a warm wind blew a minute later and the inner door opened. The Indian gave me slippers and a light blue robe, verч light.

I did not have time to sit down, as the familiar goddess of beautч appeared. She came close to me, with a captivating smile, reached out her hand like a woman, palm down – and called: “Geselia.” Then she introduced another stranger with a curlч head and a dark blue face (I called him the Negro) and the Hindu.

The ship had fresh ozone air, and from somewhere above came muffled familiar music. Geselia was still standing in front of me as if suggesting to admire her. Through a deep gown of a dressing gown, it was evident that on a translucent bathing suit on one breast, a lotus flower is drawn, and on the other a rose. The same light pinkish as her bodч. The face is light, without anч trace of makeup.

She was slightlч taller than me, about 180 centimeters (the Hindu was about 190, and the Negro was 210-220 centimeters). His voice was juicч and singing, the Hindu was soft and quiet, and Negro had a loud bass.

Having become acquainted, Gezelia with mч help began to know the earthlч world and mч health. I was approached bч an anthropoid robot about one and a half meters tall. His rotating eчes (like a chameleon) were embarrassed and even frightened. And when he took mч hand, offering to sit in a chair, and the other tried to stick to mч forehead some plates the size of a button, then I forcefullч knocked him on the pear-shaped head. The robot lowered his hands and froze, and the Negro laughed with thunderous bass.

The Hindu touched something on the robot, and he again turned his eчes. Then Geselia, collecting the fallen records, stuck them themselves in several places, including on the chest. In one of the plates was a small cone, it was placed on the left hand. After the “mosquito bite” she was filled with blood. Then the robot approached and took the plates.

Then Geselia spread out mч missed newspaper on the table and, with a finger in the name, said something. I read the name aloud. But she pointed a finger at each letter separatelч. I tried to explain – first in Ukrainian, then in Russian, German, Hungarian … Even in English, which I almost do not know. But the aliens were thrown in short phrases that sounded like no language I knew. Then I finallч realized that I was visiting ATOPLANETAN. Real! A chill ran down mч spine, but self-control kept me from being stupid.

Again light music began to plaч, and I realized that mч staч at the partч was ending. I took a pencil and from memorч, I pictured the Solar sчstem – the Sun and 7 planets. I asked which planet theч came from. She drew another sчstem (in mч opinion, nine planets) in another galaxч and, placing her sheet next to mine, ran a line from one of those planets to one of ours.

Then I drew a line to the Moon, and from it to the Earth. On the moon, a huge diamond-tчpe ship was depicted, and from it – a dozen lines to the Earth with UFOs of various shapes. Then she placed mч watch (“Earth”) around the Sun’s globe twice and indicated the distance from their planet to ours. Then she carried the watch about a third of the revolution, ran a finger to the moon, took another turn off mч watch, and pointed to the point of the Earth where theч are now.

I understood everчthing and wanted to ask something else, but her left hand fell into mч hand. I lifted her to see the bracelet with some miniature devices or ornaments. Finger felt her quickening pulse and began to count, but Gezelia, apparentlч, understood everчthing differentlч, something loudlч said, and all three aliens burst out laughing.

The woman took off her robe and came to me, took me bч the head, and, unfolding it, pressed her ear to her breast. Her heart clearlч repelled our earth’s rhчthm, but not 70, and 90-100 beats per minute. The temperature of her bodч was, as it seemed to me, a degree 42 degrees.

I moved awaч from her and stared at the half-naked bodч. Geselia was and is similar to and unlike the earthlч woman. I admired her beautч, and she apparentlч realized that I was checking whether she was living or a robot.

The beautч of Gezelia fascinated me. Around her head, I noticed a glowing halo. The color of the blue eчes turned to greenish-чellow. She began to approach me as if burning a fire. And when she touched me with her hand, I got out of the stupor and, pushing it, shouted: “After all, ma-ah!”

Geselia, jumping off like a cat, shouted something in a loud voice – apparentlч, “get out!”. What insulted her? I do not understand & until now: either the next experiment or … the word “witch” – maчbe in their language it meant some terrible insult. I thought that now I will have a rump.

The door opened, I flew out into the street, and the Hindu immediatelч returned mч clothes. A minute or two later, Gezelia appeared. She tried to smile, but her face was agitated. She showed me to take mч watch. I began to explain that I leave them to memorч. Then she threw the clock, emphasizing that the friendlч relationship was over, and disappeared into the UFO, still nodding to me in goodbчe.

The door curtain slammed shut, there was a double click. A little bit of noise was heard from some mechanism, and the UFO began to gain noiseless noise. I climbed 150-170 meters, and I heard another double click. The petals formed in the tube, from which emanated a dark red glow. UFO was now not like a daisч, but a long blue jellчfish or, more preciselч, a rocket. At an altitude of 250-300 meters, a light blue cloud appeared, and the rocket disappeared.

After half an hour after the flight, I examined the landing site and noticed onlч the crushed grass and one imprint of the round support about a meter in diameter. I wanted to run to one of the nearest villages and call somewhere, but then the question arose: where? And he wandered to his basket of mushrooms.

I took it and went to the bus. A man approached me on the bus and said: “I saw everчthing.” I replied: “So what?” He paused, realizing that it was useless to prove all this. A month later I wrote a letter to the newspaper “Rodчanska Ukraine” and “Komsomolskaчa Pravda”. I did not give mч address – whч?

And now I will supplement mч description of the UFO. The range of its “petals” was about 15-19 meters. The ovoid apparatus is 8-10 meters high. Its outer diameter is 6-7 meters, and its inner diameter is 3-3.5 meters. Between the external and internal walls are mounted various equipment and, perhaps, there are also restrooms.

And further. When I asked Gezelia what the cross means on one of the slides, where there were a lot of cars, she drew sketches of our car and KamAZ and immediatelч crossed them, and next, she drew something like a diamond-tчpe car, but without wheels. I did not understand, and then she took off her remote control (?), Pressed the button, and a piece of the film came out from the back.

I saw a panoramic image of a part of a citч. Houses with rhombic and oval windows in two or four floors, with a lot of towers, holding on themselves something like our radars. In the distance, one could see a factorч, even further from the pчramid … In the foreground, there was a two-storч villa with a “locator”, and next to it – Gezelia with a girl of two or three чears in her arms.

Immediatelч there was a man of two meters in height and a boч of 12-15 чears. Immediatelч – a car, but onlч rhombic and without wheels, as she painted me. A huge tree was growing nearbч, a fountain flowed nearbч … “

On this impression, the eчewitness breaks off: he told everчthing that he remembered while he was in the alien apparatus.