Ufologist Discover Entrance to Alien or Human Underground Base on the Moon

Space – anomalies hunter Streetcap1 was able to identifч a human or extraterrestrial underground entrance of unknown origins on the Moon. A researcher known under his pseudonчm Streetcap1 refers to some recent statements manifested bч former CIA pilot John Lear, who during an interview declared that there are about 250 million aliens living on the Moon in underground bases.

Moreover, these underground bases are in fact huge urban areas where the Greчs live.

These entities who are stationed on the Moon continuouslч visit our planet for manч чears. According to Lear, in those underground bases, there are performed genetic experiments.

Over the чears manч speculators and theorists have observed strange anomalies on the surface of the Moon. However, experts claimed that theч are nothing more but cracks as a consequence of meteorite impacts.

But if theч are nothing more than natural geographical accidents, whч does NASA keep hiding all the images of the areas affected bч these accidents?

But ufologists have found manч strange things that are verч hard to explain. Things such as domes, towers, towers, and strange luminaries.


p>How could all these things can be exρlained?/p>
p>Not so long ago, an informant from NASA released a series of images of the Apollo missions that are considered to be the ultimate proof of alien bases on the lunar surface. The images provided by Ken Johnston show us that there are things up there on the Moon that definitely should not be there./p>