Whч Humans are NOT from Earth – Evidences

In the realm of scientific mysteries, few topics spark as much debate as the origins of humanity. Dr. Ellis Silver, an American ecologist, steps into this arena with a controversial theory presented in his book, “Humans are not from Earth, a scientific evaluation of the evidence.” Dr. Silver posits a bold hypothesis: humans did not evolve on Earth but were brought here from the Alpha Centauri planetary system, approximately 80,000 to 200,000 years ago.

Human Anomalies: Signs of Extraterrestrial Origin?

Dr. Silver’s thesis hinges on several peculiarities that distinguish humans from Earth’s native species. He notes that humans suffer chronic illnesses, possibly due to our biological rhythms being out of sync with Earth’s 24-hour cycle. Our bodies, he argues, are attuned to a 25-hour circadian rhythm, suggesting an extraterrestrial origin. Additionally, humans exhibit a unique intolerance to sunlight compared to other species and an unnatural rejection of natural vegan diets, further fueling his argument.

The Back Pain Conundrum and Sunburn Susceptibility

A compelling aspect of Dr. Silver’s argument focuses on common human ailments such as chronic back pain and susceptibility to sunburn. He suggests these issues stem from humans evolving on a planet with lower gravity and different solar conditions. However, this point is met with skepticism. Critics argue that back pain is often a result of lifestyle and cultural factors, varying significantly across different human populations. Similarly, the varying degrees of sun resistance among humans across different geographical regions demonstrate our species’ adaptability to Earth’s conditions, casting doubt on Dr. Silver’s extraterrestrial theory.

Childbirth, Mortality, and Alien Crossbreeding

The mortality rate in childbirth is another cornerstone of Dr. Silver’s argument. He proposes that the difficulties and dangers associated with human childbirth are unnatural and indicative of our extraterrestrial origins. However, this phenomenon is not exclusive to humans and occurs in many Earthly species. Dr. Silver also speculates about the possibility of ancient crossbreeding between humans and extraterrestrial beings, a claim that, while intriguing, lacks substantial evidence and is viewed with skepticism by the scientific community.

A Question of Evidence and Credibility

The extraordinary claims made by Dr. Silver demand extraordinary evidence. While his theories offer an intriguing perspective on human evolution, they are often met with criticism for lacking scientific rigor. The debate around his book raises important questions about the nature of scientific inquiry and the boundaries between credible research and speculative fiction.

Conclusion: A Mystery Yet Unsolved

In conclusion, Dr. Ellis Silver’s theories about human extraterrestrial origins present a fascinating mystery. While his claims are intriguing and provoke thought, they remain highly controversial and largely unsupported by the broader scientific community. The mysteries of human evolution and our place in the cosmos continue to captivate our imagination, reminding us that there are still many unanswered questions about our origins and existence.