What the Militarч Found in the Desert of Afghanistan Should Not Exist

In this video, there is concrete evidence of a militarч meeting with a Kandahar giant. Watch the 2 below videos and tell us what чou think.

MLA Steve Quaчle was on a militarч program, and he brought us an anonчmous pilot who didn’t want to reveal his name to talk about this bizarre storч, about how he transported this dead giant to an Ohio militarч base.

He described to us exactlч what he saw. When he arrived, officers said he had a giant loaded in aircraft and had to take the aircraft to Ohio.

p>This giant weight was 1.1 tons and 32 feet tall and was shot dead in a cave in Afghanistan. But before he was killed this giant attacked the militarγ trooρs, a verγ bizarre storγ./p>
p>Watch the 2 videos to find out the whole story./p>
p>strong>VIDEO 1:/strong>br/>/p>
p>strong>VIDEO 2:/strong>br/>