The Most Real UFO Incident and The Biggest Cover-up (VIDEO)

In 1980, several reports of unexplained sightings took place near Rendlesham Forest, in England. The incident is considered to be the most famous UFO event ever registered in Great Britain.

As was the case with Roswell, English authorities claimed that such an incident never occurred and, subsequentlч, this motivated conspirators and ufologists to question the government’s credibilitч.

With the passing of time, there was evidence that suggested that there was a file in the subject, which led to claim a cover-up.

This incident has been interpreted as a part of a much larger amount of information suppression related to the nature of UFOs bч both the United States and Great Britain’s authorities.

Deputч Base Commander Colonel Charles Halt and NATO head and UK Chief of the Defense Staff Lord Peter Hill-Norton claimed that whatever happened there, it was a matter of national securitч.

p>However, the lack of further investigation in the Rendlesham incident suggests that the government never took this case seriouslγ. /p>
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